We all living things or nonliving things are different shades created by God, all trees, plants, flower, insects, birds, animals, human beings and nature etc. We all have our own characteristics and way of life. Everybody and Everything has a different shade given by God and there is no comparison between any of amongst. Our education system and society need to understand this thing. We all need to nurture our future (Kids) with this thinking. Everybody should have right to put their vision towards life and we all need to accept it.
We all are little bit selfish about our family, our kids, our own something. This selfishness leads us some wrong directions. We need to expand our Vision and make the whole universe within.
Acceptance of all differences gives extra ordinary strength to our mind, and it absorbs all negativity.  We don’t need to change anything to make our life easy, we just need to accept everybody, everything and every situations as it is.

Acceptance of differences can make us happy in any condition….

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