Worry & Fears

Now our lifestyle brings lots of worry in our life, and we all are having so many types of fears in our mind. All these practice weaken ourselves daily, that’s why we are getting so many disease. We all weren’t born with worry, it’s a constant habit which we adopted with our day-to-day life as well fear.  Change in these habits are also required.

  • Keeping busy our mind somewhere is the most important practice. if we don’t plant something useful on land, the land will fill with unwanted grass or plants itself. The same rule applied to our mind. If we don’t plant good thoughts in it, so many other things will occupy space in our mind.
  • Fight with our fear. Only one factor faith can fight with fear. If we want to overcome from our fear, we need to put our faith on people and situations. Faith in God is one of best factor to stay away from all our fears.
  • Having Simple lifestyle can bring us a healthy mind and body. Food we have should be as simple as nature. Early to bed early to rise can bring us active body.

These are just a few steps towards our goal, stay connected for more updates….

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