A Mother

A woman plays so many different roles in her life,

but her role as mother is the best part of life.  

  • A mother is nurturer of family.
  • Family gets power from her, health and wealth of family depends on her.
  • Her dedication and efforts makes balance in family.
  • She is the source of knowledge and understanding.
  • She is the only person who takes care of everybody in family, but unfortunately doesn’t get recognised by all family members.
  • She manages the home within limitations and still nobody feels lac of anything.
  • A mother is a pot of love and affection gifted by god to everybody.
  • She is the pioneer of family.
  •  Unity has tremendous power, and she is only one person who can manage unity of family without any special efforts.

She does everything without any expectation

God put all his powers in mother, that’s why nobody can replace her

we can only show our gratitude to her by loving and respecting her 

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