Force and Counterforce

I am so kin about observing things around me. Since I am observing that God created forces and counter forces to keep balance in nature. When we think about fire as a force, at the same time water is a counter force for it. Same as for Heat and Cold, Summer and Winter, Day and Night, Words and Silence etc. Our world is full of Forces and Counter Forces, which defined in Positivity and Negativity. I feel there is no positivity or negativity, it’s all about forces working in their own directions like East, West, North, South, up and down.

We all are having a universe in our own self. We are not aware of our powers. God created all of us with the same idea of force and counterforce. That’s why we can think in almost opposite directions and same time act on it.

We can widen our vision only by opening our shells…….

Keep on observing things and get aware…..

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