Lifestyle difference between three generations


In this holidays we went to our hometown. During meetings with some friends we had discussed about the lifestyle change. It had made me thoughtful why now a days when love is missing from all relationships, and we all living a stressful life.

When we were in our childhood, I had seen my mother, grand-mother, chachi, taiji, buaji working a lot of physical activities while working together. At that time we didn’t have Internet, smartphones, Instant services, computers or any other machines to replace requirement of a human being. People who spends more time working together are more close.

Now we are having phone call, Video call, instant services, social media – so many ways to get in touch, but we live a stressful life that’s a big true. We can manage the effect of environment by AC, Cooler, Heater like machines, that stays us away from nature and sun light. Sunlight is necessary for Bone health, Immune system, muscle health. It maintains our energy levels, Hormone regulation, Body’s internal clock and most important for a healthy sleep. Our body is made of five factors of nature, and who ever stays away from nature can lead troubles for himself.

More time we used to spend with other humans reduces our stress/ anxiety. Face to face connectivity creates more intimacy between people rather than online social media.

Our mind need to be free from all good or worst things happened in life,  so that we can put new ideas over their. We need to learn it from children around us. We need to engage ourself with any group activities  (like clubs, sports, parties, events) or Solo activities ( Working on your art/ hobby/ crafts/ what you passionate about).

Balance diet is the first priority to stay physically and mentally healthy.  We should have more raw or boiled or baked food. So much processes make food tasty but not healthy.  I remember in my childhood we were used to go in our village. We were used to have a simple boiled or baked food on wood fire there, I never ever forget that smell and taste of that food. We all cousins were having food together, all our fights were ended there. My kids are having so many facilities now, but not that loving experience to remember.

Technology and Science had made us habitual for facilities,

but the side effect is took away

our most precious moments of life sharing together face to face……

A father

We always talk about dignity of a Mother,

But a father is also same important as mother.
A father is Head of family and provider.
He is like Shelter for family, he is a person who protects family.
When we call a mother Heart of family, a father is Head and back bone of family.
He loves family, but never shows his feelings.
A father is a strongest support of his daughters.

A Mother

A woman plays so many different roles in her life,

but her role as mother is the best part of life.  

  • A mother is nurturer of family.
  • Family gets power from her, health and wealth of family depends on her.
  • Her dedication and efforts makes balance in family.
  • She is the source of knowledge and understanding.
  • She is the only person who takes care of everybody in family, but unfortunately doesn’t get recognised by all family members.
  • She manages the home within limitations and still nobody feels lac of anything.
  • A mother is a pot of love and affection gifted by god to everybody.
  • She is the pioneer of family.
  •  Unity has tremendous power, and she is only one person who can manage unity of family without any special efforts.

She does everything without any expectation

God put all his powers in mother, that’s why nobody can replace her

we can only show our gratitude to her by loving and respecting her 


World is full of opportunities to learn, So much knowledge to gain. We can see so many streams of education, knowledge has infinite possibilities. The words “Learning is lifelong process” are really sense the meaning. if we take Science as a learning subject there are so many possibilities in that, same as commerce, arts, Information Technology, Animations, different streams of Engineering, Acting, Different dance forms, Photography, Literature, Languages so many streams are available. our life is shorter than learning process. No body is at the top of learning process, but we can be one of the best learners of life.  All the famous personality, well known persons, saints of different religions, leaders etc. are example of best learners; who listen their inner voice and started step by step learning and experiment of their own choice. Knowing of ourself is the first step towards learning.

These are just a few points and best is yet to come, stay in touch for more…. 

Worry & Fears

Now our lifestyle brings lots of worry in our life, and we all are having so many types of fears in our mind. All these practice weaken ourselves daily, that’s why we are getting so many disease. We all weren’t born with worry, it’s a constant habit which we adopted with our day-to-day life as well fear.  Change in these habits are also required.

  • Keeping busy our mind somewhere is the most important practice. if we don’t plant something useful on land, the land will fill with unwanted grass or plants itself. The same rule applied to our mind. If we don’t plant good thoughts in it, so many other things will occupy space in our mind.
  • Fight with our fear. Only one factor faith can fight with fear. If we want to overcome from our fear, we need to put our faith on people and situations. Faith in God is one of best factor to stay away from all our fears.
  • Having Simple lifestyle can bring us a healthy mind and body. Food we have should be as simple as nature. Early to bed early to rise can bring us active body.

These are just a few steps towards our goal, stay connected for more updates….