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World of Transformation

I found The World of Transformation

I am very keen about knowing energies in either a form

but at the conclusion of my search, I found The World of Transformation

We all and each and every part of this world is an Energy

and we and everything is getting change with time

This change is The World of Transformation

Within each and every circumstance

objects and people are getting shape in a different form

that is The world of Transformation

We all believe that soil isn’t living thing,

but when we plant a seed in the soil, give water and provide sunlight

Within this circumtances, we get a plant growing is a living thing

How could be the soil nonliving thing?

Thinking about Kalyuga….


God slowly transferred some of their powers to Men

Now Men is transferring powers to Machines

Like identity of God is depending on the person who worships,

We all are depending on Machines same like that

Somewhere fully dependant or somewhere partially

Thinking about Kalyuga…….

Looking forward to a new era with powerful Machines……

which will worship Men…..

I can’t be selfish

I have the curiosity to find myself,

I searched for ways listen to my own voice

Now I got that I can’t be selfish, it’s not my way….

I put everything behind for a while

to have my joy and happiness

I tried to walk alone with myself

But after all, I discover I can’t be selfish….

I enjoy doing something for needy

My joy and happiness is there

I enjoy when I use my energy to heal others

In this way, I discover I can’t be selfish….

Being Selfish isn’t good or bad I guess

But to discover real ourself, we need to put this feeling beside



Wings of Freedom

I want to fly with My Wings of Freedom. . . .

From very long time I am searching my happiness

But didn’t understand where it is

Now I got immense pleasure in My wings of Freedom. . . .

Although burden of responsibilities couldn’t let me fly

Strings of rights and responsibilities kept me hold

But I feel so light in My wings of Freedom. . . .

I am not running from my role in life

But I want to enjoy myself with My wings of Freedom. . . .

Freedom isn’t about irresponsibility

it’s all about taking care of our own inner being

With Wings of Freedom; let our energy more powerful




Bond of Love

We tied together with a Bond of Love…….

We exchanged our energies

We share our feelings with a Bond of Love……..

We became support of each other

We gave meaning to our life with a Bond of Love…….

Like two different powers enlighting together

We enlighten our souls with a Bond of Love…….


Love is the most powerful energy,

It could exchange by words, thoughts, physical contact or spirits

When anyone feels loved, that feeling gives them tremendous power

This is my vision, please drop your vision in comment box…..

Force and Counterforce

I am so kin about observing things around me. Since I am observing that God created forces and counter forces to keep balance in nature. When we think about fire as a force, at the same time water is a counter force for it. Same as for Heat and Cold, Summer and Winter, Day and Night, Words and Silence etc. Our world is full of Forces and Counter Forces, which defined in Positivity and Negativity. I feel there is no positivity or negativity, it’s all about forces working in their own directions like East, West, North, South, up and down.

We all are having a universe in our own self. We are not aware of our powers. God created all of us with the same idea of force and counterforce. That’s why we can think in almost opposite directions and same time act on it.

We can widen our vision only by opening our shells…….

Keep on observing things and get aware…..